Corda Arena, Europe’s pioneering event venue, set to debut in 2026, wil have a capacity to host up to 4,000 attendees onsite and millions virtually, our cutting-edge facility merges technology seamlessly with human interaction.
Corda Arena, where the future of events begins.

From 3 levels to 9 segments

Corda Arena will host events in 9 segments (Music, Art, Fashion, Fairs, Events, Conferences, Esports, Niche Sport and Television shows) in 3 different levels: live, digital and virtual. The newest cutting-edge technologies will determine a next-level experience at the Arena and at home.

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Our innovations

As Innovation & Technology manager of Corda Arena, I constantly keep track of new technologies, but I transform them in such a way that they are creatively being used for the purpose of next-gen experiences within live entertainment and eventing.

Holographic keynote speakers

Stereoscopic livestreams

Visit the arena in VR

Instant avatar solution