Empty Mind

Empty Mind is an audiovisual live performance that takes place in a virtual environment and is meant to be viewed online. It is inspired by the works and ideas of the American artist Agnes Martin. The work consists of 6 large movements (5 + 1), which can be performed in any order. The spectator decides this order and can interfere with the performance through an interactive UI-layer on top of a livestream.

Wim Henderickx – Empty Mind

Originally, Empty Mind is a composition by Wim Henderickx for flutes (piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute) and live electronics. In each movement there is a strictly composed passage that represents a continuity between the parts and several free passages where the piece has the space and freedom to develop on its own – chosen by the soloist at that moment – creating a discontinuity.
Flutist Ine Vanoeveren performs in a motion capture suit with which she controls the virtual environment. The performance in the virtual spaces is being filmed by a handheld, virtual camera and directly streamed onto Twitch. This livestream is the live feed for the audience, with the interactive layer on top of the video.
The audience is able to interact live with the performance by moving their mouses over the screen. This way they can alter the virtual environment and collectively decide the order of the movements. They can also throw live 3D emoji into the virtual environments.

Team: Kristof Timmerman (concept and artistic direction), Ine Vanoeveren (concept and performer), Max Schweder (technical director, digital art), Wim Henderickx (composer, live electronics), Janna Beck (graphic design), Studio Plankton (3D graphic design), Naoto Hieda & Kristof Overdulve (platform & UI development), Lowie Spriet, Olivier Du Four & Arafa Yoncalik (development assistance), Wes Nijssen (assistance Motion Capturing), Tom Dietvorst (livestream, tech support), Jorrit Tamminga (live electronics), Umut Eldem (live electronics), Annelise Cerchedean (after movie)

This work has been supported by the DARIAH ERIC.
The project is the start of ‘Sense of Wonder’, the joint research project of MAXlab (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium) and CREATIE (Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium).

With support of the Immersive Lab of AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Prof. Dr. Jouke Verlinden (Product Development, University of Antwerp).