Ine Vanoeveren

XR performer, contemporary flutist, artistic researcher, professor

Belgian flutist and Doctor of Musical Arts, Ine Vanoeveren, is specialized in contemporary music and XR-performance. She performed at numerous contemporary music festivals worldwide and won several international awards and prizes.
In addition to performing, Ine is an assistant professor in contemporary music performance at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, and a researcher in XR-performance and metaverse applications at Hogeschool PXL, Hasselt, Belgium.
She is also the coordinator of the brand new Immersive Art & Entertainment Research lab of Hogeschool PXL. She works as a freelance creative consultant for technological innovation at Corda Campus in Hasselt.
Ine is currently part of the fluid collective Artificial Intelligems, a multidisciplinary group of artists that explore the artistic potential, as well as the possible risks, of machine learning within contemporary jewellery.
Ine is a consultant for creative innovation at Corda Campus, the largest technology incubator in Belgium.