Multiplicities of self-position

This program explores different types of embodied engagement in a diverse selection of solo flute pieces.

Sam Hayden’s ‘attente’ (2019) is a search for intense physicality in a performance. The material combines relatively static multiphonic textures with more rapid and directional linear gestures.
‘OR’ (1978) by R.Dick investigates extremity on a different level: intimate, microtonal multiphonics shape the vulnerability of this work.
Anahita Abbasi introduces a dialogue in ‘No I am not roaming aimlessly’ (2017), where the composite concept “dialogical self” goes beyond the self-other dichotomy, by infusing the external to the internal and, in reverse, to introduce the internal into the external.
Finally, The Silenced (2015), the mono drama for flutist by Jason Eckardt is a journey from trauma to (at least partial) healing. While the scars of the trauma are still present by the end, the protagonist arrives at a place where the memories and feelings are manageable.

Photo by Tiange Zhou

attente for flute solo (2019) – Sam Hayden
OR for flute solo (1978) – Robert Dick
No I am not roaming aimlessly (2017) – Anahita Abbasi
The Silenced, a mono drama for flutist (2015) – Jason Eckardt