In this pragmatic lecture, I guide participants through the mysteries of virtual co-creation, ‘the artistic metaverse‘ and how web-3.0 developments create opportunities for future artistic, creative and multidisciplinary collaborations. You will discover how to design your own virtual performance setting and how digital storytelling will contribute to the interaction with a virtual (live) audience.

Focus points are: user experience (UX) and artistic user interface (UI), collective experience, interactive storytelling, social and spatial (tele)presence and the enormous potential of live performances within virtual environments.

By taking these focus points into account, we attempt to ‘break the fifth wall’, the invisible boundary between a virtual audience and avatar-performer(s).


Stories happen through interaction. Interaction leads to experience.

Unlike most concerts and artistic performances in traditional Western settings, XR-performances place the audience at the center of the artistic creation – they put the spectator in the driver’s seat for their own, unique experience.

What if the spectator becomes the actual story and the performer is only a mere facilitator? What are the parameters that we want to define, control, and manipulate in order to provide such a complete experience? How can we break down the fifth (!) wall between performer and spectator in a virtual setting and provide a safe and intuitive space for interaction?

Stories happen through interaction. Interaction leads to experience. Art should be experienced.

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