No Medici

2018 is the year for change!

Not from big institutions, worldly leaders or powerful foundations. No. From the people themselves. Bottom-up. Peer to peer. As Oprah Winfrey just stated in the light of the #metoo movement: “A new day is on the horizon!”

This is why I want to present the ‘No Medici’-project. For too long, (ambiguous) foundations have dictated the new music scene. While some of them have good intentions, others turned out to only support a certain ‘category’ of the new music field: mostly men, mostly white.

When I was studying at UC San Diego – in my opinion the ‘walhalla of new music’, but I am biased of course – I got spoiled and expected that every institution, specialized in contemporary music, had a similar structure: new music performers and avant-garde composers in the same building, constantly discussing and creating exciting art projects.

While visiting many, highly qualified composition departments all over the world, it struck me that the presence of specialized and enthusiastic performers is often lacking. Composing becomes a more abstract phenomenon and often very talented composers miss out on opportunities, because they don’t have regular collaborators by their side. Well-established ensembles, companies or orchestras commission people based on references and/or portfolio, but in order to assemble such a portfolio, opportunities need to come up first.

Darmstadt Summer Course is one of those rare moments when new music passionates from all over the world gather together in one (tiny) place. Director Thomas Schäfer introduced the – very successful – formula of Open Spaces a few editions ago. Young people can present and experiment their practices, while getting the support and input of their peers. Those Open Space concerts are always highly attended and form the beating hart of the festival.

This project is focused on composers, enrolled in the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018, who are still students and have no access to contemporary performers at their institution, nor have the opportunity to work with established ensembles on a regular basis, but want to add a solo piece for flute to their portfolio, combined with a world creation at Darmstadt Summer Course 2018.
During the festival, I will workshop the piece with you, together with other composers (tbd), in an Open Space-session. At the end of the festival, there will be a concert with the chosen pieces, also in Open Space.

No money involved, no foundation involved, no agenda involved, no Medici’s involved. Just musicians going back to the basics of our profession: creating art together.

Specifics of the call

1. Solo pieces for flute(s) (piccolo, flute, alto flute and/or bass flute) with or without electronics.
Note: if you include electronics, you need to be able to bring and set-up all the necessary material yourself, since the workshops and concert will happen in Open Space (no technical support).

2. Being a student composer, enrolled in the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018, without regular access to specialized contemporary performers and/or well-established ensembles.

3. A public workshop in Open Space will be offered, together with a fantastic team of composers. (Names will follow soon)

4. A public concert in Open Space will happen near the end of the festival.

5. The pieces should be new creations and never been performed before.

6. I will select the pieces based on creativity, artistic and social value and personal integrity. Pieces should be between 5 and 8 minutes. 5 pieces in total will be selected.

7. For the concert: program booklets will be printed, so be prepared to write some program notes on your piece.

8. Deadline for submissions: May 1st 2018. Pieces and bio, together with an enrollment confirmation for the festival, can be emailed to

9. Gender, race, sexual preference, disabilities, background, institutions, etc… will NOT influence the decision of the pieces.

10. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!