Lockdown Lobby

The corona crisis and different lockdowns influenced the way we create, perceive and experience art for good. Artists find new ways to present their work, mostly in a virtual world.
The Lockdown Lobby is an example of this shift towards a virtual aesthetic. Live performances of these collaborative pieces would not make sense anymore – they are only appropriate in this virtual setting.Pieces by Anahita Abbasi, Marcelo F. Lazcano, Frederik Neyrinck, Jason Eckardt and Geoffa Fells in collaboration with Ine Vanoeveren. Contributions by Max Schweder, Janna Beck, Kristof Timmerman and Umut Eldem.
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studio.POC Lounge

Discover new projects by studio.POC in the studio.POC Lounge in Mozilla Hubs.
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Virtual Academy & Conservatoire

Here’s the story of the Royal Fisherman, who went fishing to empty his mind and fill it up with new ideas. He’s trying to catch these ideas in the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Royal Academy Antwerp …Visit our virtual Academy & Conservatoire in Mozilla Hubs, where you can explore different artworks by students, ask them too many questions about their program, chat with your friends and discover a lot of artsy surprises.

Concept & Design | Schools of ArtsJanna Beck, Annelise Cerchedean, Thomas Gladiné, Jonathan Labiche, Max Schweder, Kristof Timmerman, Ine Vanoeveren
CREATIE – Artistic Research Group, MAXlab and studio.POC
External Development & Design Roman Senkl, Nils Corte, Nils Gallist, Armin Luschin

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