Full Program: December 4th

Innovative collaborations and new performance formats
New and experimental performance formats demand innovative collaborations providing a platform to generate original roles and relationships. From the gathering of the individual’s contributive input, to the assembling and amalgamation of collaborative interactions, the alliance forms a new artistic object, a tool, to be further used by future creators.

What environments promote innovative collaborations and/or how do inventive collaborations change the artistic landscape?
To what extent do these original collaborative relationships challenge existing roles and foster new skill sets?
In such specific innovative collaborative projects, how may the process encourage new methods of communication for the transfer of knowledge?

11u Welcome by Winnie Huang, doctoral researcher of CREATIE

11.15u Performance-lecture 3: Caitlin Rowley (composer-performer – AU/UK) – Josh Spear (composer-performer – UK/NO)
Bastard Assignments: The collaborative studio and the ‘creative acreage’

12u Break

12u10 Performance-lecture 4: Dr. Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh (composer – AU) – Kathryn Williams (flute – UK)

13u Lunch break in Witte Foyer

13u30 Lunch concert with Kobe Van Cauwenberghe (BE) and Marco Fusi (IT)
Kobe and Marco will show the results of some workshops they have been organising with students from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe: Anthony Braxton’s Language Music
Marco Fusi: Musicking – Collaborative Creation of New Music

14u45 Performance-lecture 5: Dr. Andy Ingamells (composer-performer – UK)
Up Down Left Right, or: How I tried to pass the baton to the public in Bristol in 2017

15u30 Performance-lecture 6: Winnie Huang (violin, performance – AU) and Dr. Jessie Marino (composer-performer – US)

16u15 Break

16u45 Panel with Winnie Huang (AU), Jessie Marino (US), Marco Fusi (IT), Charlie Sdraulig (AU) and Kobe Van Cauwenberghe (BE)

18u15 Break

20u Concert CREATIE/Dan Tramte

Jessie Marino / Winnie Huang: Stories of Gesture (2018-ongoing): 
– Savoiardi Dance (2019)
Jessie Marino – Remappings II – after Machaut and Lassus (2019)
Jessie Marino, Winnie Huang – performance

Patricia Alessandrini / Marco Fusi: Improvisation
Patricia Alessandrini – electronics
Marco Fusi – violin

Paolo Galli : Il mare come materiale for soprano, flute and alto flute (2019)
Esther-Elisabeth Rispens – voice
Ine Vanoeveren – flute
Karin de Fleyt – alto flute

Umut Eldem: Glimmer for saxophone, live electronics and live video (2019)
Dries Meerts – saxophone
Umut Eldem: electronics

Daniela Fantechi : PianoMusicBox.1, for piano and electronics (2019)Chiara Saccone – piano

Dan Tramte : 👽💅 for saxophones, objects, and video (2019)
Kyle Hutchins – saxophone
Dan Tramte – electronics

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