Full Program: December 3rd

Collaboration – what is it and why do we do it?
‘Collaboration’ is something of a buzzword in contemporary music, but how clear are we, as a community and as individuals, about what it means? An interrogation of the term leads to an investigation of the composer-performer and performer-performer relationships, of the multifarious models for fruitful collaborative (and non-collaborative) partnerships, of authorship issues and of what might motivate us to embark upon collaboration at all.

Are collaborative projects necessarily better/enriching/more innovative?
What might we be sacrificing when we idealise collaborative partnerships?Does collaboration lead to an equitable sharing of the cultural capital?
How can a redefining of our creative roles within a collaborative relationship lead to a greater flexibility and equitability in the realms of remuneration and authorship?

10u – 11u Registration (Witte Foyer)

11u Welcome by Ine Vanoeveren, chair of CREATIE

11.15u Keynote Juliet Fraser (UK)
The voice that calls the hand to write – exploring the adventure of agency and authorship within collaborative partnerships

12u Break

12u20 Performance-lecture 1: Dejana Sekulic (violin/composition – SER) – Gilles Doneux (composition – BEL)
What hides the grain of sound: effects of togetherness of imagining, exploring, and discovering

13u Lunch break in Witte Foyer

14u30 Performance-lecture 2: Luke Nickel (interdisciplinary artist – CA)
Scores in Bloom: Some Recent Orally-Transmitted Experimental Music’

15u15 Presentation: Jozefien Vanherpe (lawyer – BE)
Music copyright 101: who owns what in a collaborative music context?

16u Break

16u30 Panel with Juliet Fraser (UK), Linda Jankowska (PL), Sam Hayden (UK), Jozefien Vanherpe (BE) and Colin Frank (CA)

18u Break

20u Concert Mixed Currents/Sam Hayden

Sam Salem: The Raft breaks for violin, electronics, tape and video (2019)
Linda Jankowska – violin

Gilles Doneux / Dejana Sekulic: What Hides the Grain of Sound for violin and electronics (2019)
Dejana Sekulic – violin

Pablo Galaz: Grire for violin and live electronics (2019)
Irine Røsnes – violin

Colin Frank: Imitate Elegance Expertly (2019)
Linda Jankowska, Dejana Sekulic, Irine Røsnes – violin

Sam Hayden: Attente for flute solo (2018-19)
Ine Vanoeveren – flute

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