Full Program: December 3rd

Collaboration – what is it and why do we do it?
‘Collaboration’ is something of a buzzword in contemporary music, but how clear are we, as a community and as individuals, about what it means? An interrogation of the term leads to an investigation of the composer-performer and performer-performer relationships, of the multifarious models for fruitful collaborative (and non-collaborative) partnerships, of authorship issues and of what might motivate us to embark upon collaboration at all.

Are collaborative projects necessarily better/enriching/more innovative?
What might we be sacrificing when we idealise collaborative partnerships?Does collaboration lead to an equitable sharing of the cultural capital?
How can a redefining of our creative roles within a collaborative relationship lead to a greater flexibility and equitability in the realms of remuneration and authorship?

11u welcome by Ine Vanoeveren, chair of CREATIE

11.15u Keynote Juliet Fraser (UK)
The voice that calls the hand to write – exploring the adventure of agency and authorship within collaborative partnerships

12u break

12u20 Performance-lecture 1: Dejana Sekulic (violin/composition – SER) – Gilles Doneux (composition – BEL)
What hides the grain of sound: effects of togetherness of imagining, exploring, and discovering

13u lunch break in Witte Foyer

14u30 Performance-lecture 2: Luke Nickel (interdisciplinary artist – CA)
Living Scores: Orally -Transmitted Experimental Music

15u15 Presentation: Jozefien Vanherpe (lawyer – BE)
Music copyright 101: Who owns what and which are the boundaries between composers’ copyright and performers’ rights in the context of collaborative music-making?

16u break

16u30 panel with Juliet Fraser (UK), Linda Jankowska (PL), Sam Hayden (UK), Jozefien Vanherpe (BE) and Colin Frank (CA)

18u dinner break

20u concert Mixed Currents/Sam Hayden
Sam Salem – The Raft breaks for violin, electronics, tape and video
Linda Jankowska: violin
Gilles Doneux / Dejana Sekulic – What Hides the Grain of Sound for violin and electronics
Dejana Sekulic: violin
Pablo Galaz – new trio
Linda Jankowska, Dejana Sekulic, Irine Røsnes: violin
Colin Frank – new trio
Linda Jankowska, Dejana Sekulic, Irine Røsnes: violin
Sam Hayden – Attente for flute solo
Ine Vanoeveren: flute

December 4th
December 5th