#dramaqueen is a new solo show, based on the concept of the ‘monodrama’:

Monodrama: a drama acted or designed to be acted by a single person. A number of plays by Samuel Beckett are monodramas. The term may also refer to a dramatic representation of what passes in an individual mind, as well as to a musical drama for a solo performer. – Britannica encyclopedia

New York-based composer Jason Eckardt wrote a very challenging and exciting monodrama, The Silenced, for Claire Chase’s Density-project in 2015:

The Silenced is a meditation on those who are muted, by force or by political, economic, or social circumstances, yet still struggle to be heard. While composing the work, I was concerned with the ideas of trauma and self expression during and after an emotionally damaging experience. This is manifested musically by gagged, stifled sounds that are perpetually in transition towards a clearer articulation that is never fully reached. Significantly, it is the flute, not the voice, that comes closest to realizing a kind of expressive “purity,” free of the noise and interference that typify so much of multilayered sound strata in the piece. – Jason Eckardt

Inspired by his embodied, interdisciplinary and politically engaged way of writing, I commissioned Iranian composer Anahita Abbasi to write a 30′-long monodrama to join Jason’s work, based on the struggle and physical limitations caused by endometriosis, an under-researched female, hormonal disease.

The title not only refers to the dramatic element of the genre – monodrama –  but also towards the prejudices towards female-related diseases and conditions. Endometriosis is a painful disfunction of the hormonal system, where the endometrium appears outside of the uterus. This causes severe pain, energy loss and fertility problems, amongst other side effects. Women, diagnosed with a severe stadium of the disease, not only experience agonizing pain during their period, but they have to bear with this pain almost 24/7. Medication, several surgeries, complications and chronic pain are the future path for most of them. Endometriosis is incurable.

Hormone related diseases are real; women suffering during their period are no drama queens.

In December 2016, I got diagnosed with endometriosis.

For more information or donations towards endometriosis research, please visit:
Endometriosis Foundation of America
EndoHome (Belgium)
Endometriose Stichting (The Netherlands)

World premiere
Darmstadt Summer Course 2018: July 14th – July 28th (exact date to be announced)