CREATIE – Artistic Research Group

Research group CREATIE

‘Creating’ is the keyword for the research group ‘Creation’: researchers and research projects with a fresh, interdisciplinary, intercultural and/or inclusive viewpoint on the phenomenon ‘creation’ will find the necessary support within this research group.
Starting from a creating perspective, which can include music, drama or dance, we encourage researchers to also think outside the familiar boundaries of their own discipline: other cultures, a variety of performative disciplines, new media forms, exciting locations or cutting-edge technology.
This research group aims to collect as much pragmatic output as possible and prioritizes coloring and influencing the present day performance scene. We support researchers in their quest for brand new performances, exhibitions, video-installations, compositions, websites, etc… We also provide help and support with writing the necessary files, applications, articles and papers.
Not only is the hip and artistic environment of the International Arts campus deSingel a source of inspiration for the researchers themselves, it also offers them plenty of opportunities to meet and invite international artists from every artistic branch.
The research group CREATIE focuses on contemporary creations within and over the different artistic disciplines and has the goal to be a pioneer in contemporary arts education. We encourage students of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp to participate in as many activities as possible with and from our researchers.

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Chair: Ine Vanoeveren

Location: Royal Conservatoire Antwerp
Current research projects of CREATIE

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