Premiere: confined walls of unity

On June 10th, my program ‘confined walls of unity’ will premiere at UC San Diego.
This recital focuses on the flute solo repertoire by Brian Ferneyhough.


Superscriptio for piccolo solo (1981)
Carceri d’Invenzione IIb for flute solo (1985-1986)
Mnemosyne for bass flute and tape (1986)
Unity Capsule for flute solo (1975-1976)
Sisyphus Redux for alto flute solo (2011)
Cassandra’s Dream Song for flute solo (1970)

Other performances:

July 19, 2016
FIME São Paulo, Brazil

July 29-August 14, 2016
Darmstadt International Summer Course, Darmstadt, Germany

More info: confined walls of unity